FDC Releases ver 2.0

FrontDesk Connect is excited to release the results of 5 months of hard work.  Version 2.0 encompasses both a new look and feel for the individual user via the mobile application interface plus a more capable and intuitive dashboard interface for facility administrators.  The most noticable critiques of our trial run with the Peabody and other users were centered around the adminstrators interface.  They wanted it to be more capable and user-friendly.  It is now.  Additionally, we have given the facility administrators the ability to create Dynamic Forms which can be built to collect ANY actionable information from the guest that the facility wants.  Forms such as valet request, housekeeping refusal, emergency contact info, event register, sign-up, and participation and anything else the facaility administrator can think of.  On the application side, we knew we wanted to make the app look and feel more professional and provide a better experience for the user.  We have also added a capability to allow the guest to submit real-time feedback to the facility administrator in hopes that they will garner an immediate correction by the host facility improving the quality of their stay. 


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