Yes. We work with the hotels to provide guests with a streamlined connection to their favortie hotel. Please tell your friends and family about this great new service. If you go to a hotel that doesn't have FDC, please tell them to contact us at info@frontdeskconnect.com or call 605-431-4851
Yes, this service can be added to any hotel regardless of brand or location. Let us know where you are headed to next and we will be sure to set up that hotel. Typically, 3 days notice is plenty. Also, we plan to add 20,000 hotels before Oct 1st so I'm sure that your hotel of choice will be on our service then.
Enter a portion of the hotel's name or location or the the hotel's FDC code into the search bar at the top of the app. Typically, the hotel front desk staff will know the hotel's FDC code. If you are currently in another hotel lobby, select "New Facility" to get back to the search bar.
Yes. Also, look for this app for Windows phone in the near future! Sometimes you may see a newer version on Android prior to the Apple system due to the Apple app approval process.
All hotels on our database start with basic functionality. Advance functions are available as individual hotels work with FDC staff to enhance the guests' experience. Hoteliers should contact FDC support staff at info@frontdeskconnect.com to increase their level of service.
Contact FDC support staff by clicking our Support link and identify the error. You can do that through the app under the tools icon or you can contact us directly at info@frontdeskconnect.com


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